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Energy Affiliate Powered By Bid On Energy!

Energy Affiliate is a program organized by Bid On Energy management to offer opportunities in the deregulating US energy markets for energy brokers and energy consultants to make money. Shop all deregulated States with many suppliers of Electricity and Natural Gas.

  • All Deregulated States including Canada
  • Most Suppliers of Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Instant rates from suppliers with online E-Sign contracts
  • Control markups, make up to 75% commissions on all sales
  • Make a recurring monthly income with this energy job opportunity
  • Bonus - We will pay you for the entire First Year commissions upfront

The Opportunities We Offer Affiliates...

The following are two programs that we offer to affiliates who are interested in building a career in the energy markets. We are looking for Several Independent Sales Representatives to Work Full-time or Part-time in the Energy Industry. If you're a Beginner or a Seasoned Pro with a book of business, we can help you maximize your potential to make as much money as you can. Work with multiple energy suppliers, find low rates in all deregulated states.

Energy Affiliate
(Free Program)

Our Energy Affiliate Program is exceptional for those who are proficient in getting utility bills and have no time to price and get contracts signed. We shop suppliers and provide pricing with contracts to you or your customers. This program offers all the tools and support necessary for successful campaigns and include training, banners, advertising scripts and much more.

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Channel Partner
(Paid Program)

Our Channel Partner Program is truly designed for the marketing guru. With this program you may combine online and off-line marketing tools to create and maintain a book of business for the ages. We provide you with Direct access to suppliers, you provide your customers with instant rates plus e-sign contracts online.

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Services We Offer Our Clients

The following two videos are a great example of the services you will be able to offer your clients while earning a great recurring income and simultaneously saving them money on their energy costs.


Energy Aggregation

Reverse Energy Auction


Energy Consultants
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